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Veterinary professional rely heavily on owners to provide information about their pet’s behavior and medical symptoms. However, pets rarely exhibit the same signs when they are stressed at the clinic (magically their limp is cured!). We often find that we are able to see the issues you are describing first-hand when the pet is in its environment and provide a tailored treatment plan. Additionally, seeing first-hand that a pet is living in a two-story home where they must negotiate stairs or running on a wooded lot can change recommendations for medications or preventive care. The best part about the at-home visit is you are the only client there and you have the vet’s full attention! If your dog is more sluggish or tired than normal, that could be a sign something is wrong. Is your dog all of a sudden disinterested in playing or walking? Your dog could simply be sore or tired when the weather warms up, but if this persists for more than two days, you should take your dog to the vet.


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