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If your dog is having any issues breathing, this is a veterinary emergency. This includes difficulty breathing, making weird noises when breathing, or puffing lips when he or she breathes. Every dog pants on a hot day or after exercising, but the breathing should return to normal after resting. If your dog is drinking more water without recent exercise or warmer weather exposure, this is a possible sign of diabetes, kidney disease, or other medical conditions. You should watch for excessive thirst that lasts longer than a day. Keep track of how often you fill-up the water bowl compared to normal. No matter the size of your dog; a sudden weight loss is a concern and is a reason to take the dog to the vet. An overweight dog that loses weight unexpectedly and quickly is also a cause for concern. It may be hard to determine what is excessive weight loss. If your dog has lost about 10 percent of his or her body weight without any intervention.


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