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When puppies and kittens are born, their mother's milk gives some natural protection against disease; however, this protection is only temporary and fades with time, leaving them vulnerable to infection and disease. Your veterinarian will vaccinate your puppy or kitten between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks to avoid this. Vaccines, on the other hand, usually take 7–14 days to become effective after both doses are administered. As a result, in order to keep your pet safe, keep them away from other pets and places where they may have been. The unfettered joy, boundless vitality, and selfless love are almost infectious! This is a sentiment shared by all animal lovers. This was something we kept in mind when we set out to construct a top-notch facility that could fulfill your animal friends' diverse medical, grooming, and boarding needs. Little Paw is one of the best clinics in South Delhi. We provide a variety of services for dogs and cats.


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  • Best Pet Vaccination Centre in Khanpur
  • Best Pet Vaccination Centre in Chhatarpur
  • Best Pet Vaccination Centre in Vasant Kunj
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